Scholarships for Professional Certificate Courses offered by the University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia (UNIC). –  Institute of Public, Cyber and National Security (IPCNS). is a Framework Partner of CEPOL, the EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training and Learning. IPCNS offers professional training opportunities to the international community of law enforcement on cutting edge topics in the field of policing, security and investigation.


Our main goal with the establishment of IPCNS is to contribute to public and cyber security, by offering professional training on topics of vital importance, with world renowned academics and practitioners and in collaboration with other institutions such as the Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). Bearing in mind the increasing challenges and threats posed by ongoing technological advances, as well as the ever changing to a digitally oriented working environment, law enforcement agencies need to reconsider and reprioritize many of their functionalities and approaches. At the same time, these very challenges and threats create opportunities for all those members of law enforcement agencies who are interested in their career advancement. Such officers need to specialize in specific fields. Thus, a Professional Certificate which combines both scientific knowledge and hands-on expertise acquired at a relevantly short period of time, is a very cost-effective investment for both, police officers and their organization.


The extend of the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies worldwide, is reflected in the statement made by the Secretary General of INTERPOL, Mr Junger Stock, at the 2020 World Economic Forum, who said that during 2021, Cybercrime will cost six trillion US Dollars to the world economy. Cybercrime, Cryptocurrencies, and new forms of crime need to be tackled by a blended approach unifying science and practitioner’s expertise. This is exactly what IPCNS does. For example, the University of Nicosia has been professionally active in cryptocurrencies for years (University of Nicosia is offering programmes in this space since 2013, years ahead of everyone else). Our Professional Certificate course on Blockchain and Digital Currencies for Law Enforcement Investigation and Criminal Justice is one of the most popular courses we have been offering from the very beginning.


The Professional Certificate Courses offered at the next cohort of courses starting on 04/05/2021 are:


Professional Certificate Course on Blockchain and Digital Currencies for Law Enforcement Investigation and Criminal Justice.

Professional Certificate Course on Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation. (offered jointly with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)).

Professional Certificate Course on Police Leadership and Crises Management.

Professional Certificate Course on Evidence Based Policing. (offered jointly with LJMU).

Professional Certificate Course on Terrorism, Security and Policing.

Professional Certificate Course on Psychology of Investigative Interviewing.


Since our aim is to facilitate the participation of all law enforcement agencies in this unique professional training opportunity, we are offering an to all organizations an escalating discount fees proposal, depending on the number of participants any specific organization would like to register. Please see the link. for details regarding discounts for law enforcement agencies. I remain at your disposal and I would gladly have a virtual meeting with you or one of your colleagues for any further clarifications and/or discuss possible ways of collaboration between our institutions.


Furthermore, I would be grateful if you could circulate this email and the brochures here below to all the members of your organization, who may register themselves in any of the above professional courses. As we believe that acquiring professional qualifications in one or more of the respective topics is of vital importance for their career advancement, their professionalism as well as your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness we would like to encourage them by offering a 40% scholarship to all your members (from EUR 1499 to EUR 895). For registrations, further details, and clarifications, they can email us at: .