The Aims and objectives of the International Police Association Pakistan Section are as follows:-

  • Encourage personal contacts by organizing exchange visits of individuals and groups, arranging group holidays and initiating friendships;
  •  Promote among the police services of all National Sections respect for law and order;
  • Develop social and cultural activities and to encourage the exchange of professional experiences;
  • Enhance the image of the police in the countries of its member Sections and to help improve relations between the police and the general public;
  • Foster youth exchanges and international youth meetings with a view to promoting greater tolerance and understanding between people, and understanding for the work of the police;
  • Facilitate a regular exchange of publications between the National Sections and to provide an information service for the national publications containing news on all subjects of relevance to the IPA;
  • Promote international publications, and to help with the preparation of a bibliography of police works and, wherever possible, of all works connected with the law or legal matters.