Use of the IPA Trademark registered logos

Dear IPA Friends:

At the start of this new IEB term, for the benefit of new office holders and a reminder to established office holders, I remind you of the rules regarding the use of our IPA trademark registered logos.

IPA International Rules Art. 9 IPA Emblems
Models of the two protected forms of the emblems shall be kept by the IEB, under the responsibility of the Head of Administration.National Sections and Regional Groups are authorised to use the emblems of the Association as long as this does not jeopardise the trademark protection.
The IPA emblems must not be utilised for unapproved commercial purposes.Sections may authorise their Regional Groups and members to use the emblems only under the above-mentioned conditions.

Any change made to the emblem jeopardises trademark protection and is therefore not permitted.
The emblems may be superimposed over other artwork, but other artwork may not be superimposed over the emblems. If in doubt, proposed artwork should be submitted by National Sections to the Head of Administration for evaluation and approval.

For the star logo, CYMK Blue 89C M43, Light Blue 35C 9M, Red 100M 81Y 4K, Yellow 80Y 9M. Blue roundel and scroll, yellow letters, outline and laurel leaves, light blue globe, rep map areas.

For the roundel logo, Blue (89C M43), light Blue (35C 9M), red (100M 81Y 4K) and yellow {80Y 9M). Blue roundel and scroll, yellow letters, outline and laurel leaves, light blue globe, red map areas.

Kind regards,

Stephen Crockard
Head of Administration
IPA International Executive Board”

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64th IPA World Congress 2019 & FSW

5th IPA World Seminar for Young Police Officers 2019

Section UK will host the 5th IPA World Seminar for Young Police Officers 2019

 Download in PDF

The dates for the Seminar are Monday 24th to Friday, 28th June, 2019. Accommodation will be
available from the evening of Sunday 23rd to Friday, 28th if required. The venue will be the Police
Scotland College, Tulliallan, Kincardine. The Topic will be “Policing Change”.

The programme is being finalised but will include classroom, practical environments, social and
cultural events.

Subjects covered will include Terrorism, Drugs, Human Trafficking, Gangs, Immigrants,
Communication, Defensive Tactics, Policing Mental Health and Freedom without Barriers. All
presentations will be in English.

Accommodation will be in Single or Twin ensuite rooms. Meals will be provided.

The College is where every Police Officer in Scotland attends for their probationary training. It also
provides specialist training areas for Road Policing, Criminal Investigation and nearly all Promoted
Officers and Senior Management courses. The Castle is set in 90 acres of parkland.

To register interest via your Section only. Please email


Arthur Troop Scholarship 2020

Arthur Troop Scholarship 2020 

Download Procedure

Download Application Form

The Arthur Troop Scholarship (ATS) is now open for applications from IPA members worldwide. Arthur Troop Scholarships are awarded annually and preferably at least one will be granted to each continent in which we have member sections – Africa, America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.

Each scholarship consists of a bursary of up to 2500 €, to be used for a seminar at the International Conference Centre IBZ Schloss Gimborn, or at a comparable institution.

Applicants must have been an IPA member for at least 2 years before applying, and the scholarship must be taken between 1 January and 31 December of the year following the awarding of the scholarship (extensions are not granted).

Arthur Troop Scholarships may be awarded to any IPA member who is a serving law enforcement officer, but are predominantly targeted at our younger members. Applicants are required to submit an application form setting out their reasons to support their selection.

The Application Form must be processed through their national sections and forwarded to the International Administration Centre (IAC) at All applications must be supported by a confirmation of membership from their sections.

The Chair of the Professional Commission (PC) will process the applications. After the assessment of the PC and the decision of the IEB, awardees will be announced during the World Congress in Croatia in October 2019.

The Arthur Troop Scholarship Application Form can be found on the international website at

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2019.